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❣ Round 3 Masterlist ❣


Secret Drawer (Day One)

[Self Prompt]
Dinner at Eight | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveals
[Xiumin/Lu Han, 4010w, R] Warning: Not a happy ending
Based on Rufus Wainwright's song "Dinner At Eight”:

"No matter how strong
I'm gonna take you down with one little stone
I'm gonna break you down and see what you're worth
What you're really worth to me"

Top Drawer (Day Two)

[Archive 3: #110]
Talk Me Down | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveals
[Xiumin/ Chen, 2.3K, PG-13]
Jongdae struggles daily with Minseok antic, it doesn't help that he gets a set of unhelpful supernatural creatures around him.

[Archive 1: #119]
One Day at a Time | AO3 drawer by anonmyous until reveals
[Xiumin/ Sehun, 4375w, G]
Minseok admits he's not the biggest animal person in general, but he likes cats well enough, and they all have seemed to like him, too. All of them except for his own.

Small Drawer (Day Three)
[Archive 1: #257]
acrophobic astronauts & moon-dust dragons | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveals
[Xiumin/ Lu Han, 5.1K, G] Warning: referenced homophobia

They’ve known each other for countless summers, but finally they realize the butterflies—damselflies, Minseok interjects—in their stomachs are mutual.

Big Drawer (Day Four)
[Archive 3: #75]
On the way to the orange grove, before the temple on the hill, there sits a small shrine | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveals
[Xiumin-centric, 2.5K, G]
Minseok thought that humans were always such precious creatures, back then and now.

[Archive 3: #93]
Inside the Dark Star | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveals
[Xiumin/ Kai. 7K. PG-13] Warning: Dark fic, dark!Jongin, very unhealthy relationship
Fairy!au, demon!au. Minseok is content to be a hermit in his flower field, until Jongin shows up in the middle of it. He's a little in awe of Jongin, a little enamored, and before he even knew he was in the rabbit hole, Jongin had him so far down in it that escape is impossible.

[Archive 3: #105]
Used to Be Snow White but We Drifted Part 1 | Part 2 | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveals
[Xiumin/ Lu Han, 42K+, NC-17] Warning:[Click here for entire list]
Rimming, barebacking, strong language, mentions of prostitution, strippers, smuggling, threesomes, pegging, insane robots, avoidance as a means of coping, broken relationships, assassinations, hatred of cucumbers, arranged marriages leading to open relationships, space jargon, campy sci-fi

“Before you shoot me, I think it’s best that you know why I’m here.” Luhan spoke calmly without breaking eye contact.
“I don’t care why you’re here.” Minseok managed to get the words out, his heart racing as he confronted the bad memory manifested before him.

Bottom Drawer (Day Five)
[Archive 1: #481]
Lureline | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveal
[Xiumin/ Lu Han, 7067w, NC-17] Warning: sex, failed attempt at crack, implied mpreg
A mouth to mouth resuscitations is all it takes.

[Archive 1: #415
Take a Bite | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveals
[Xiumin/ Baekhyun, 2721w, NC-17] Warning: biting?, bottom seok?
Minseok thinks everything about Baekhyun is beautiful and it has nothing to do with the fact that Baekhyun is his lover.

[Archive 1: #308]
A Place to Call Home Part 1 | Part 2 | AO3 drawer by anonymous until reveals
[Xiumin/ Baekhyun, 32K, NC-17] Warning: Violence, death of unnamed (not main) characters
In a world wrought with war between those with powers and those without, Minseok lived his life on the run and in constant danger. He'd learned the ways to survive, but he'd never found a place he could call home. That is, until the group saved a certain boy and took him under their wing.
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