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[Round 3] #105 (R3 Archive) Used to Be Snow White but We Drifted (Part II)

Title: Used to Be Snow White but We Drifted
Pairing: Xiumin / Luhan
Side pairing(s): Baekhyun / Chen / Victoria (fx), Sehun / Lay[”Spoiler”]
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 42k+
Warnings: Rimming, barebacking, strong language, mentions of prostitution, strippers, smuggling, threesomes, pegging, insane robots, avoidance as a means of coping, broken relationships, assassinations, hatred of cucumbers, arranged marriages leading to open relationships, space jargon, campy sci-fi
Summary: “Before you shoot me, I think it’s best that you know why I’m here.” Luhan spoke calmly without breaking eye contact.
“I don’t care why you’re here.” Minseok managed to get the words out, his heart racing as he confronted the bad memory manifested before him.
Author's Notes: Please note that scenes written in italics are flashbacks. Thank you to the OP. This prompt took on a mind of its own, I hope you like it! Thanks to my betas who saved me, seriously. The title is a modified version of the famous Mae West quote because I couldn’t resist.

Because of this fic's length, it has been posted at Seokmonster's dreamwidth here. Come back after reading to leave comments on the part II here.
Tags: !pairing: xiumin/lu han, !round: three
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